Our Service

Sonoma Mountain Landscape Design Services
  • We install new landscapes surrounding buildings, homes, facilities and parks. We also renovate existing landscapes and irrigation systems, to contemporary and sustainable landscapes with high efficiency irrigation systems and Smart Irrigation Controllers.
  • Soils are tested for deficiencies in PH, structure and nutrients and then corrected with composts and organic amendments.
  • Walls, decks, fences, flagstone, pathways, boulders and rock walls are installed by skilled and artistic landscape professionals.
  • Plants are individually selected from local suppliers, transported and installed with great care. Planting pits are dug at least 2x the size of the root ball and the walls of the pits scarified to aide in root development. We install organic mulch to protect your plants, control weeds, preserve soil moisture and provide long term benefits to soil structure and nutrients.
  • We're incorporating more edible plants and gardens, compost systems , bio swales and grey water systems into our projects as sustainable initiatives.
  • We prepare a detailed project plan that insures an efficient and timely completion of the project.
  • Our crews are trained and disciplined in keeping the job site orderly, clean and safe. We work hard to minimize any inconvenience or interruptions, and we make sure to always protect and preserve surrounding areas and assets.
  • We use only best quality products and materials and guarantee our work and your total satisfaction