Our Service

Sonoma Mountain Landscape Design Services
  • We define the detailed characteristics of each hydrozone, and install valves to support them independently. We layout distribution devices for appropriate coverage and deep penetration. We program your controller so that each hydrozone is irrigated based on historical evapotranspiration rates (ET) and the specific needs of the plants in that location. If a new controller is part of the scope, we will install and program the appropriate Smart controller for your needs.
  • If a rebate program is available through your City or County for efficient irrigation equipment or removing lawn areas for water conservation, we will complete the paperwork and coordinate with the program to secure your rebate.
  • On an ongoing basis, we check, adjust, trouble shoot, repair and maintain irrigation systems.
  • Our annual irrigation checks conducted in early Spring, involve checking all distribution devices, lines, valves and controllers.
  • We will establish a water budget for the upcoming year, programming the budget accordingly, and reporting back periodically on usage and cost.